A series of three “theatrical portraits” of Pittsburgh men who choose to wear long white beards. Using tools of theater and of abstract portraiture, privileging association over imitation, I hope to reach beyond the beard to capture each man as a unique human constellation shaped by unique forces. The series will explore the phenomenon of first impressions and the failure of physical traits to demonstrate who we are inside.


Begun in 2009, The Saints Tour is a site-specific walking and bus tour designed for small, culturally-rich communities that showcases local artists, musicians and community service organizations. The Saints Tour has been built in Louisville, KY, in the West Village (NYC), on Wall Street, and in Braddock PA. Click here for video sample and photos.

CANARY: book, music (with Ray Rizzo), lyrics

A multigenerational musical developed by Rattlestick Theater, Playwrights Horizons, and New York Theater Workshop, co-conceived with director Rachel Chavkin and Ray Rizzo. Click here for music samples.

TRY: A Video Game Memoir

A multi-genre storytelling “game” of dramatized memory, in which key personal moments compiled over time reflect the patterns of experience that make each of us unique and all of us the same. “TRY” is a game with the goal of heightening compassion: players are immersed in each others’ central life experiences and asked to contribute moments of their own for others to live, creating a web of shared experience that reaches beyond political or physical boundaries.


In honor of humanity’s (and particularly Pittsburgh’s) passion for sporting events, Real/Time Interventions will collaborate with sports fans, athletes and actors to invent a sport in a theatrical context, exploring the cultural, practical and social differences between live play and live art.